AUFGLAUFT will take you on an instrumental tour through a festive world of different music styles, or in short Party Jazz! In addition, they are known for their energetic and interactive live performance, which always ends in a party.
The band is not averse to improvisation. One moment you imagine yourself being in the dunes of the middle east, and the next moment they will blow you away, with their wall of sound.
In November 2016, AUFGLAUFT was the first instrumental band to win the fourth edition of Pop Secret, and they recently won the Grand Prix of Twente with conviction. In 2017, AUFGLAUFT went into the studio for their first EP, which was released on March 15, 2018!
Conclusion; at a show you never know what to expect, if you like jazz, rock, balkan, funk and a wide range of other music styles, in combination with a good live performance, then you have found your band in AUFGLAUFT.
One thing is for sure, when AUFGLAUFT plays you only think of one thing:
‘Ich glaube das hier ein party ist’.


Freitag, 20.09.2019 ab 21:00h @ Bohème Boulette