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Open Workshop

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What is the Open Workshop?

The Open Workshop is a place for craft education and self-empowerment and offers the Hansa and Hafenviertel district a space, tools and expert advice for creative and original work.

It is a place for encounters, community and togetherness and aims to provide new impulses for the challenges of our time. It aims to empower people to do it themselves, encourage the sustainable use of resources and enable them to take the initiative and make independent consumption decisions.

New players around the world are experimenting with small-scale solutions for local food and energy production. They are also trying out new designs and technology that is accessible to everyone.

New forms of collaborative production, repair and sharing are emerging in urban neighborhoods.

Our Team

We currently meet every Tuesday at 18:00.

Would you like to try it out?

Then just write to us with no obligation!

The time until the opening

We are planning the open workshop and preparing our own work.

For example, we have already painted the workshop rooms in the new building. The workshop is to be one of the first functional building blocks so that we can subsequently provide infrastructure for all other parts of the building.

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