Neighbourhood Work

The GmbH was founded to develop and operate the socio-cultural neighborhood center B-Side at the harbor. From the opening, it takes over the task of property management and makes the infrastructure of the B-Side available for non-profit and community-oriented uses. It acts as landlord of the premises and takes over all non-profit tasks in the building.

Kreise der Stadtteil- und Quartiersarbeit

Neighborhood development for the common good

B-Side GmbH is also a sponsor of projects for community-oriented neighborhood development. These projects include, for example, the Hansaforum and MS.Quadrat.

Hansaforum is an initiative in the Hansa Quarter that promotes urban development for the common good and implements it directly together with the people of the quarter.

MS.Quadrat is an interim use agency for Münster that has been in existence since 2022. It arranges temporary vacancies - for example, to creative people, companies or associations - in order to bring unused places back to life.

Making the city together - instead of letting it be made!:

Das Hansaforum

The Hansaforum is an initiative in Münster's Hansa district that advocates for public welfare-oriented urban development and implements it directly together with the people from the neighborhood.

The focus is also on developing answers to questions about how urban and city development can be thought about in the future and what forms of participation and involvement can succeed at the neighborhood level.

Bring life into empty spaces!:


Open spaces often stand empty for a long time, properties fall into disrepair or become littered. Without (interim) use, they are expensive to maintain and valuable space is lost.

That's why it's important to us to convert spaces to a new use. Because creative space is there for everyone, it just has to be found!

Events of the district and neighborhood work

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Further Events

Here, only the events of the public welfare-oriented Quarians Development are listed.

Instead, take a look at the event overview. There you will find all events and dates that take place in our house.

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