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As B-Side collective we understand all people who participate in any way in the development, design and/or management of the B-Side. For us, being a collective means that everyone works together as equals and always tries to make decisions in such a way that everyone can participate. Every idea and every opinion is important to us and should be heard; everyone involved should be able to participate as freely and independently as possible.

We work with various systems and methods to ensure that equal cooperation works in such a large group.

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Working groups

The B-Side consists of a large number of working groups (AKs). Each group is organized around specific topics and areas of responsibility for which its members jointly assume responsibility.

The working groups are always happy to welcome new members. So you are cordially invited to get a taste of it! Dates and contact details can be found on the subpages listed here. If you would like to get a rough idea of the group first, come along to the regular introductory meeting!


The various B-Side working groups meet regularly for plenary sessions or working meetings. Some very often and on fixed dates; others rather rarely and on specific occasions. In addition to the analog meetings, a large part of our collaboration also takes place digitally. Each working group communicates via its own channel on Mattermost - our communication tool. Documents are processed together in the cloud. To ensure transparency, news feeds keep all B-Siders up to date on the project as a whole!

How we make decisions:


The working groups are largely self-determined. We try to reduce hierarchies as much as possible or prevent them from arising in the first place. Within a circle, we make decisions by consensus. Consensus means that no one has any resistance to a particular decision. We therefore look for a solution until everyone feels comfortable with the decision. Within the circles, we decide together which decisions can also be made by individuals without consultation.

If a decision also affects other B-Side circles, their members are also involved. Voting between different or all circles takes place via representatives of the respective circles (delegates). Questions relating to the overall B-Side project are discussed in our coordination circle (KK). People come together very regularly in this circle to present topics and decision-making issues from their respective working group. This is how we try to ensure that cooperation and communication within the overall project works.

The individual working groups can also form subgroups according to the same principle. For example, the festival working group consists of many smaller working groups such as design, program, awareness or finance. These groups work independently and send representatives to the large festival plenum to consult with people from the other groups.


Does it all sound complex and complicated?

In everyday working life with the B-Side, many of these processes quickly become self-explanatory - so you don't need to understand any of them to join in!