One house, one collective, one idea.

B-Side is both: an open house and an open collective that develops, designs and manages this house in a self-organised way. Our much-loved dockside warehouse in Münster is currently being converted into a socio-cultural neighbourhood centre.

Meanwhile, we are working on the opening from Hawerkamp, planning cultural and educational events and testing our utopia of togetherness and collaboration. In early 2024, we will finally move back into the old/new harbour building.

It all started with the idea that our city needs more socio-cultural open spaces and affordable workspaces. Self-managed and non-commercial spaces for art, culture and education, encounters and engagement. Driven by this idea, we were able to save the Hill-Speicher at Münster harbour from being sold to investors and instead create a place that enables community, cultural diversity, fair participation and socio-ecological transformation. From its opening in early 2024, B-Side will offer event, meeting and work spaces on over 2.500 square metres!

The overall project is supported by two associations and a limited company. As a collective, we organise ourselves in a power-critical way so that everyone can work together on an equal footing and participate in decision-making. We see the B-Side as a house by everyone for everyone. It should be used by active citizens who want to network and help shape their city.

A place that belongs to us all.:

Our self-understanding

Until the opening, we are housed at the Hawerkamp. From there we work collectively on the creation and revitalization of the new house, plan events around culture & education and test together our utopia of togetherness and collaboration.

We see the house as a place that belongs to everyone. We want to bring culture, education and social engagement together. The B-Side is to be used and designed by active citizens who want to network and help shape their city.

As B-Side collective, we organize ourselves in such a way that everyone works together on an equal footing and always try to make decisions in such a way that everyone can participate. Every idea and every opinion is important to us and should be heard, all participants should be able to participate as freely and self-determined as possible.

A place that is also yours?:


You can get involved with us in the house and the collective in countless different ways.

You can for example join one of our working groups, attend an event, support us financially or just come by and meet us!