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The Hansaforum is an initiative in Münster's Hansaviertel district that is committed to urban development for the common good and implements this directly together with the people of the district. "Shaping the city together" is its guiding motto. Not only have new formats for co-determination and co-design been and continue to be tested. The focus is also on developing answers to questions about how urban and urban development can be further developed in the future and which forms of participation and involvement can succeed at district level.


Thanks to the support of the Hansaforum, almost 100 large and small projects have been realized or are currently being implemented by people from the Hansaviertel who contribute to the common good. It has also given rise to a lively neighborhood network with countless active people who are committed to their district. As a result, the various opportunities for participation opened up by the Hansaforum have allowed and continue to allow people to experience both individual and collective self-efficacy and strengthen the understanding of democracy in the Hansaviertel.

The past few years

In recent years, support services such as "Quartierslotserei", the neighboorhood funding and the und Hansa comittee have been created to enable residents to realize their own ideas. The Hansaforum is also testing and expanding a co-determination body that enables the heterogeneous and changing neighborhood to get involved in shaping its own district.


Are you interested in the work of the Hansaforum and would like to find out more about us? Or would you even like to join us and play an active role in shaping the neighborhood?

Then take a look at our own website!

There you will find, for example, reports from the last Hansa Convention and you can find out what the abbreviation QGI stands for.