B-Side GmbH:


MS.Quadrat has been the temporary use agency for Münster since 2022. This means that we bring temporary vacancies to people who want to use them - for example to creative people, companies or associations to bring unused places back to life.

Open spaces are often vacant for a long time, properties fall into disrepair or are littered with rubbish. Without (interim) use, maintenance is expensive and valuable spaces are lost. We are therefore keen to put spaces to new use. Because creative space is there for everyone, it just needs to be found!

Volunteering for our city:

The Team

Ein Team-Foto. Zu sehen sind 6 Menschen, die auf der Treppe vor der B-Side sitzen.

We are a great and very nice team of volunteers from Münster (and the surrounding area). What's more, our network is getting bigger, nicer and more exciting (than it already is).

Would you like to join us? Then just get in touch with us.

We look forward to seeing you and will soon take a new photo with you!

Our goals. Short and sweet.:

The Concept

  • Enabling creative spaces & places
  • More life in the neighborhood
  • Use of vacant space instead of new construction
  • Networking people

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Revitalize vacancies!

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