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How does the B-Side work in formal legal terms?:

The Sponsorship

B-Side consists of three corporate bodies: B-Side Kultur e.V. (cultural association), B-Side e.V. (house association) and B-Side GmbH. The house association is the sponsor of the B-Side GmbH. The cultural association is not legally affiliated with the other two groups.

Part of the sponsorship structure of B-Side is a circle structure according to sociocratic principles of organization . It regulates how decisions are made in the B-Side collective. Each working group of the B-Side is part of to one of the three bodies. General meetings, board meetings, management or shareholder meetings are simply working groups in which members or elected representatives of the groups organize themselves. However, membership in one of the associations is not a requirement for participation and decision-making at B-Side.

Art, culture and education:

B-Side Kultur e.V.

Der gemeinnützige Kulturverein verwirklicht durch seine Tätigkeiten die Satzungszwecke der Förderung der Kunst, Kultur und Bildung. Die Vereinsmitglieder und viele freiwillige Helfer*innen veranstalten in hauptsächlich ehrenamtlicher Arbeit neben dem großen B-Side Festival auch eine eigene Radio-Sendung im lokalen Bürgerfunk, Konzerte, Workshops, Podiumsdiskussionen, Vorträge, Ausstellungen und Theaterperformances.  

Im soziokulturellen Quartierszentrum B-Side wird der offene Kulturverein ein Hauptnutzer der öffentlichen Bereiche des Hauses. Er bespielt die Veranstaltungs-, Ausstellungs- und Begegnungsräume mit gemeinnützigem Programm rund um Kunst, Kultur und Bildung. Darüber hinaus veranstaltet er handwerkliche Bildungsworkshops in der Offenen Werkstatt.

The non-profit cultural association realizes through its activities the statutory purposes of promoting art, culture and education. The members of the association and many volunteers organize in mainly voluntary work. Parts of their tasks are the large B-Side Festival, our own radio program on the local radio, concerts, workshops, panel discussions, lectures, exhibitions and theater performances.

In the socio-cultural neighborhood center B-Side, which will open in 2024, the cultural association becomes the main user of the public areas of the building. It will occupy the event, exhibition and meeting spaces with non-profit programs related to art, culture and education. In addition, it organizes craft-based educational workshops in the Open craft place.

Neighborhood work:

B-Side GmbH

The GmbH was founded to develop and later operate the sociocultural neighborhood center B-Side. It has entered into a contract with the city of Münster for the use of the sociocultural center. From the time of opening, it will take over the property management and make the infrastructure of the B-Side available for non-profit and community-oriented uses.

Since its foundation, B-Side GmbH has been responsible for the project development of the warehouse. As part of the urban development program "Initiative ergreifen" , it is developing the parts of the historic harbor building that are being renovated and converted for sociocultural purposes. This is being done in close cooperation with the Münster Economic Development Corporation (WFM), which is driving forward the construction project at the harbor on behalf of B-Side in a joint building venture with the Münster Rowing Club (RVM). The B-Side construction committee is the interface between architects and planners, WFM and RVM.

In addition to project development and property management, B-Side GmbH is also responsible for community-oriented neighborhood development projects. For several years, it has carried out the Hansaforum citizen participation format in the surrounding Hansa district, which is funded by the federal government.

The house association:

B-Side e.V.

The house association is the sole shareholder of B-Side GmbH. It was originally founded on the model of the "Mietshäusersyndikat". As the sponsor and founder of B-Side GmbH, its main function was to serve as a solidarity association and self-governing body for the tenants of the building. In addition, its statutes state that it promotes art, culture and education and, to this end, always uses its influence as a shareholder of B-Side GmbH to ensure that the GmbH provides the cultural association with the space it needs to fulfill its tasks under the most favorable economic conditions possible.