Where are we today and how did we get there?:

B-Side History

Our warehouse at the middle harbor

Our old warehouse at the harbor has been in construction since September 2021. It is currently being converted into our vision of a socio-cultural neighborhood center .

Contrary to our original plans (which you will find in the picture and some other sites), the construction site will unfortunately not be finished before the beginning of 2024. Currently, we are still busy with our work on the construction site. Atthe moment we are still busy with tasks like painting walls, building furniture or furnishing our future rooms.

Our temporary place at the Haverkamp

That's why we moved to our temporary building at the Hawerkamp in 2021, in order to prepare the opening of operations at the harbor from there. In 2024, the B-Side is to open as a self-managed, non-commercial, free space for art, culture and social issues at the harbor and provide you all with space and means for common good purposes.

A view into our history:

Our History

This part of the site is still under construction.

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